Ensure compliance, reduce operational hazards, improve employee productivity & wellness

Failure to address fatigue management puts your human capital, materials, equipment, and other assets at risk. Worktech’s fatigue management, or fatigue risk management system (FRMS), identifies and minimizes the costly risk of worker fatigue.

Cost Savings

Shiftworking employees are at a greater risk, costing an estimated annual average of $8,600 annual excess cost vs their daytime counterparts due to fatigue-related issues.

Optimized Workforce

The proprietary algorithm uses worker data and future scheduling data to assess present problems, predict future risks, and determine the optimal schedule for productivity.

Fatigue Management

WorkTech’s fatigue management solution can improve worker alertness, health, safety, and productivity and it enables you to readily comply with all company, union and government regulations, including the RP 755 guidelines.

Detailed analytics

Real-time data validation of worker fatigue level, past and future work schedules ensures compliance and increases effectiveness of workforce management strategies