Increase productivity and reduce costs using WorkTech's Time & Attendance, Contractor Cost Tracking, and Labor Analytics.

Learn how to automate these transactions and immediately start saving money.

Time & Attendance

Time and Attendance software that is 100% configurable to meet the needs of your company. No more manual calculations, or leaving it to supervisors to try to figure out what rates should be paid.

Contractor Cost Tracking

Track all contractor cost – including labor, equipment, and materials – in one application that is easy to use for contractors and managers. Lower total project costs by up to 5% compared with manual methods.

Fatigue Management

Fatigue Management and Compliance, including API RP-755 compliance is an important way for companies to protect their workers, protect themselves, and improve productivity. Learn more today.

Reduce your project costs by up to 5% by implementing Contractor Cost Tracking. In larger companies, this translates to millions of dollars annually, and a Return on Investment that can easily exceed 500%.

By having employees and contractors report their own time as they are performing work, you can significantly increase the accuracy of data collected. Eliminate the guesswork and start collecting real, not approximate transactions!

You’ve collected all this data. Now what? Labor analytics is an important part of any company’s Time & Attendance and Contractor Cost Management technology footprint. WorkTech makes it easy!

Why Choose WorkTech?

1. Easy to Use

Just because your rules are complicated doesn’t mean that the software you use should be. WorkTech makes it easy for employees, supervisors, managers, payroll clerk, and system administrators to use the Time & Attendance and Contractor Cost Tracking software without getting headaches. All the heavy lifting is done behind the scenes, so the users can get into the system, enter their data and run their reports, and get out.

2. Unsurpassed Functionality

If another Time and Attendance software company offers you functionality that WorkTech doesn’t have — it’s probably not time and attendance functionality. WorkTech has all of the elements of a full time and attendance solution, multiple methods of data collection to 100% rules processing to customized reports. And by making the system easy to use, you don’t sacrifice your employees’ and managers’ experiences just to get the functionality you need.

3. Highly Scalable

Whether you have 100 employees or 1,000 employees or 100,000 employees – WorkTech Time & Attendance and Contractor Cost Tracking systems can scale to meet your needs. The software requires no installations on the users desktops or mobile devices, making it easy for companies to deploy.

4. Solution Integration

“Can you integrate with….?” Yes. Being in this sector means being able to integrate with Enterprise Asset Management, HR, Payroll, Scheduling, Access Control, Project Management, and any other system that you need. WorkTech has been a certified Maximo partner for twenty years. We’ve been a certified Lenel partner for 10 years. On top of that. we’ve integrated with Oracle, SAP, Infor, ADP, PeopleSoft, and a host of other systems. So yes, we can integrate with whatever our system needs to integrate with.

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