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What is the WorkTech Productivity Suite?

Product Previews

Time and Attendance

Automates leave requests & approval

Highly configurable with advanced analytics

Integrates with payroll, EAM, HR, & ERP

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Fatigue Management

Identifies and reduces risks of worker fatigue

Ensures compliance with union, industry & gov’t guidelines

Limits manager liability when exceptions are required

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Overtime Management

Manages fair allocation of Overtime

Notifies worker holdovers & callouts

Ensures compliance with union, company & government rules

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Contractor Cost Tracking

Collects/allocates labor, equipment, & material costs in real time

Streamlines approval, invoicing, & payment process

Integrates with ERP, EAM, & gate control systems

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WorkTech improves the lives of our customers by delivering best in class workforce management software. 

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