Control labor costs, minimize compliance risks, improve workforce productivity

WorkTech time and attendance is the revolutionary workforce management solution that gives you full control over your labor costs while automating the most complex work rules. The software captures and reports detailed labor data in real time, allowing you to swiftly adjust operations to keep costs down. Now available on cloud, this time and attendance application enhances productivity and ensures compliance by collecting labor data for your entire workforce and upcoming schedules to predict fatigue risk.

Time and Attendance

Reduces data collection costs by enforcing and automating work rules. Managers can review accurate, complete data on-screen in a timely manner and in the context of a work order or project so projects stay on track and are not slowed by inefficient approval processes.

Labor Tracking

Identify cost saving measures with accurate and detailed workforce analytics. WorkTech verifies optimal employees based on your business rules. Can compare employee eligibility and qualifications for assignments and the availability of budget funds.

Data Collection

Time and attendance through mobile, browser, or tablet allows your business to continue operating on your terms. Real-time data validation against company, union, and government regulations reduces the time required to identify and correct errors.


WorkTech can be configured for every work group and integrate with existing ERP/EAM systems, including SAP, Maximo, and Oracle, eliminating the need to enter data into multiple systems.

With WorkTech Time and Attendance, our overall efficiency is much greater, we’ve saved a lot more time on data entry, and our labor data is much more accurate.

Lisa Sheldon, Director of IT, IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.