Track worker location, reduce safety risks, optimize workforce management strategies

WorkTech’s geolocation capability utilizes the latest developments in GPS technology to track worker location. By creating a geo-fence around any operation site, the geolocation module allows supervisors to track individuals or an entire crew while simultaneously monitoring relevant worker skillsets, work orders, and work history. These real-time insights into worker condition and location will allow your organization to develop more efficient workforce management strategies, implement quicker turnarounds, and reduce safety risk while adhering to compliance regulations.

Customized Geofence

Access worker location within and outside of site-specific geofence. Geo-based notifications can alert supervisors when employees are in or outside site boundaries.

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time tracking of worker and crew locations allow you to monitor your entire workforce’s location on a single screen

Detailed Data

Geolocation insights allow you to develop safer, more efficient work patterns specific to your processes. View and filter workers based on location, skillset, work orders and work history.

Ensure Compliance

Ensure compliance with government, industry, and union guidelines and reduce safety risks when combined with our fatigue management module.