Capture, validate, and manage all time and cost data in a single system

WorkTech’s Contractor Cost Tracking System (CCTS) supports the complex requirements of corporations that outsource work to contractors. CCTS captures, validates, and manages all time and cost data in a single system that readily exchanges data with existing enterprise systems. Streamlining  data capture, tracking, review, approval, and payment processes provides significant ROI and operating cost savings

Contractor Data

Streamline approval, invoicing, & payment process offer up to 90% time savings. Automatic rate calculations eliminate the risk of human error, ensuring your costs are accurately reported.

Material Charges

Contractors simply enter the materials purchased, supported by an invoice. The software calculates the mark-up—if any—so managers only need to validate the purchase occurred and that materials were used on the correct project.


CCTS readily exchanges data with existing ERP, EAM, and gate control systems and can be fully adapted to any business requirements.

Data Collection

Validate time and cost data for accuracy in real-time, enabling efficient management of that data.