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Time & Attendance

The flagship software of WorkTech. Control your employee labor costs in real-time, manage scheduling and absences. Automate the most complex work rules without changing how you do business.

Contractor Cost Tracking

Supports the complex requirements of corporations that outsource work to contractors. CCTS captures, validates, and manages all time and cost data in a single system that readily exchanges data with existing enterprise systems

Fatigue Management

Ensure compliance, reduce operational hazards, improve employee productivity & wellness. Ignoring issues of fatigue put your human capital, materials, equipment, and other assets at risk. Worktech’s Fatigue Management system identifies & minimizes costly risk of worker fatigue.

Overtime Management

A single, standardized system for gathering, tracking, and reporting the data relevant to creating a fair overtime management and equalization policy. Automate overtime requests and approvals while ensuring the optimal worker is chosen. Mobile capabilities now available.