Lenel provides innovative security solutions and services that enable organizations to protect their people, operations and information. As a Lenel partner and member of the OpenAccess Alliance Program, WorkTech can provide certified interfaces to Lenel OnGuard. Lenel “OnGuard” Access is an advanced access control application that includes a feature-rich alarm monitoring module. IP-enabled controllers allow the application to extend easily to all parts of the enterprise with the appropriate degree of security at the door. OnGuard Access offers built-in support for all card technologies including MIFARE and iCLASS smart cards, as well as biometrics and wireless access control devices.

CIRCADIAN® is the global expert in Fatigue Risk Management System design and implementation with unsurpassed experience in assisting companies around the world to meet the challenge with its expert best practice solutions. Partnered with Circadian, the WorkTech Productivity Suite provides continuous work time data for Circadian’s fatigue management programs for compliance and risk management of 24/7 operations. This partnership provides our customers with the overtime equalization data needed for offering overtime according to labor agreements and practices.


IBM, Corp. (NYSE: IBM), is the developer and distributor of Maximo® software. Maximo is designed to assist businesses, government agencies and others in managing asset and resource productivity. Maximo facilitates success for over 8,000 customers worldwide. WorkTech is a Business Partner with IBM Corp and developer of “Certified for Tivoli” software.

Banetti and WorkTech are leading providers of Enterprise Asset Management services. Our partnership with Banetti allows us to streamline the way we serve our customers by creating a broader suite of EAM products and services.